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‘Harambee Stars spoiled a classic weekend!’ – Kenyans react after Mozambique defeat

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Fans take to social media to vent their anger on the national team after they suffered defeat to visiting Os Mambas in friendly

Francis Kimanzi suffered his first defeat as Kenyan coach after falling by a solitary goal against Mozambique in a friendly played on Sunday.

A second-half strike by Canhembe Amancio was enough to give the visitors their first win in four attempts against the Harambee Stars and deny the Kenyans a chance to shine at home.

The defeat came a day after Kenyan marathon runner Eliud Kipchoge made distance running history in Vienna on Saturday.

Kipchoge became the first man to run the marathon in under two hours after clocking one hour, 59 minutes and 40 seconds during the INEOS 1:59 Challenge at Prater Park in Austria.

Kipchoge, who was assisted by 41 pacemakers, entered the Guinness Book of World Records for running the first sub-two-hour marathon.

And on Sunday, Kenyans celebrated yet another success as Brigid Kosgei sensationally smashed the women's marathon world record by more than a minute at the Chicago marathon.

Kosgei easily sprinted to a world record in a blistering time of 2:14: 04, chipping off one minute, 21 seconds from the one held by Great Britain’s Paula Radcliff set in 2003.

To crown it all, Kenya qualified for their second consecutive Olympic Games, despite being beaten in the final of the Rugby Africa Women's Sevens in Monastir.

The Lionesses, who competed in Rio 2016, were beaten 15-14 by South Africa at the Mustapha Ben Jannet Stadium but it was a bittersweet victory for the Imbokodo.

The South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee had ruled before the tournament even if they won they would not be allowed to take up the automatic Tokyo 2020 place given to the winners.

That is because of a controversial rule preventing South African teams from qualifying from the African regional competition. Kenya had qualified for the final by beating hosts Tunisia 19-0 in the semi-final, while South Africa defeated Madagascar 29-0.

Kenyans have now taken to Twitter to blast the Harambee Stars for spoiling what looked like a successful sporting weekend after losing to the Os Mambas. Here is how they reacted.

We are an athletic country #Kenya #TeamKenya Athletics records broken and limits lowered. Congratulations Brigid Kosgei and Eliud Kipchoge . #harambeestars is a scam

@StateHouseKenya good eveningIssue a statement on the display of the #harambeestars against Mozambique and the playing surface at Kasarani which looked like my grandma's garden called "Sirundu" and the flailing KPL.

I tend to think we as Kenya should just accept we are not good in footaball. Athletics, volleyball, rugby and cricket are our thing. #harambeestars beaten today 0-1 by Mozambique at Kasarani during a friendly match.

#harambeestars May God intervene

#HarambeeStars we just attend for the love of the game.

Let me try and forget Harambee Stars for a while. More of Musa Juma pris. Brigid, Kipchoge have already done more than we deserve.

What do you expect from a team whose members become Pariah & vilified once injured while in line of duty, with No care . The lack-lustre performance isn't surprising. #harambeestars

FT. Kenya 0-1 MozambiqueSo #HarambeeStars 🇰🇪, what have I done to deserve this punishment? 💔 We came in rain, we cheered while wet and we lost. 😭 Anyways, here are pictures of me leaving while happy coz I won't let you kill me boys 💚💚

Wanyama is the real mess in this team #harambeestars

#harambeestars They just had to find a way to spoil a perfect weekend SMH

Wait, you people still support @harambee__stars ? That team have no intent, no vision, no drive, no desire. Those who went to Karasani wasted their time. We are losing to a country that cannot even support it's own economy.What a shit show. #KOTLoyals

Another Record in Chicago, then harambee stars spoils the party

What happened to @harambee__stars honestly? @Football_Kenya 😔

After @EliudKipchoge Record yesterday, today Brigid kosei win with another record. Only Harambee stars fails us today 😎. 🇰🇪🇰🇪

#HarambeeStars need to have 100 pacesetters and 10 electric cars in order to win

There's no difference between Harambee stars and Manchester united

We should start playing football on tarmac roads...might work a trick or two 😉 #harambeestars

forget about the joke thats is taking place at kasarani with #harambeestars Brigid kosgei just smashed marathon record that lasted for 16 years, kenya home of marathon #NoHumanIsLimted

Nashangaa #Harambeestars Tunafanywa hata kwetu? Hapa kwa harambee stars #tukolimited

And then there was Harambee stars

Who bewitched our National team. Athletes are breaking world records harambee stars is breaking our hearts #harambeestars

Harambee Stars should be sold and that money paid to Chinese debtors #harambeestars

How can you spoil our weekend finally?? #harambeestars #KENMOZ . HII Kasarani hii. Senji kabisa

Harambee Stars attempting to spoil a perfect weekend. Can't allow them. Congratulations Brigid Kosgei. #HarambeeStars .

We are beaten at home, na tukienda kwao? Let's concentrate on athletics #harambeestars


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