ee BetOdds24 | 'I wouldn’t say I was happy' - Marsch admits viral video of Liverpool half-time team talk made him 'uncomfortable'

'I wouldn’t say I was happy' - Marsch admits viral video of Liverpool half-time team talk made him 'uncomfortable'

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Reds boss Jurgen Klopp has said he would never allow his talks to be broadcast like the American manager's now-famous speech

Red Bull Salzburg manager Jesse Marsch has admitted that his now-famous half-time speech against Liverpool has made him a bit "uncomfortable" after his team talk went viral.

The speech came during the Austrian side's trip to Anfield, a match that saw Liverpool hold on to a narrow 4-3 victory despite being 3-0 up within 36 minutes.

After a goal from Hwang Hee-chan before the half, Marsh lit a fire under his RB Salzburg side with his half-time talk, which went viral as result of his side's fightback into the match.

Goals from future Liverpool signing Takumi Minamino and megastar striker Erling Haaland saw Salzburg fight back before Mohammed Salah sealed the win with a 69th-minute goal.

Marsch's opposite manager Jurgen Klopp has since said he "would leave the club" if Liverpool ever broadcast one of his team talks.

However, the American manager says he understands why there is interest in that kind of behind-the-scenes footage, even if he isn't completely comfortable being at the centre of it.

"I wouldn’t say I was happy - when all of these documentary videos come out, they can be uncomfortable," Marsch told the Blood Red Podcast.

"I hate watching myself speak German, it’s painful! But I went through this in the U.S. – people love this content now.

"I watched The Last Dance with Michael Jordan as soon as it would come out and I could not wait to watch the next episodes - real life is the most interesting story.

"We had an interesting story to tell this year with our club and the Champions League - it had been so many years that we had been fighting to get there and we finally achieved that goal.

"People wanted to see our story and in the end, the half-time video, the only thing I always say about content inside of a team is you have to make sure it represents not just one individual, but it represents the whole group.

"In that moment, I felt that the focus was a little too much on the coach and not so much on the full team."

Marsch went on to say that his experience at Anfield, and in the Champions League as a whole, was positive.

"In the end, regardless of what was said at half-time, the team and the coaching staff, we all managed to be better in the second half together - that’s what is important," he said.

"The players are young and they haven’t been doing this as long so maybe it’s a dream to play in the Champions League against Liverpool but my focus was preparing our team.

"That was a big part of the message and why I handled half-time the way I did - because I knew that we could be so much better."


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