‘Tiger’s win the most thrilling sports story since Leicester City’s PL title!’

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The golf legend??s 15th major victory and first in 11 years had plenty of people talking across the football world

It had been 11 years since Tiger Woods had last won a major tournament.

At 43 years old, and having had multiple back surgeries, it appeared as though Wood??s last triumph at a major would be the 2008 U.S. Open.

But in the mix in the last day of the Masters, Woods drew in casual golf fans from all over the globe to tune in to see if he could do it, with  Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola openly admitting he might watch the tournament over Liverpool-Chelsea.

Woods did not disappoint either, winning by a single stroke to claim his fifth career Masters win, along with his 15th victory in a major.

The win comes 22 years after his first win at Augusta in 1997, and 14 his since his previous triumph on the course in 2005.

Some have called it one of sport??s great comebacks and stories ?? though at least one commentator believes Leicester??s title triumph in 2015-16 tops it.

But the footballing world was certainly talking during and after seeing Tiger roar once more.


He??s done it. He??s only gone and won it. There??s something in my eye. To use a phrase once used before about @TigerWoods ??Oh my goodness...Wow....In your life have you seen anything like that?? ????????

Second most thrilling sporting achievement I??ve seen. The best: Leicester winning the league.

Well done Tiger Woods pic.twitter.com/1Blb85BLjB

What it going to look like if Liverpool win Title pic.twitter.com/CaCmkL3qov



Tiger ? #TheMasters

The last ten years of the Tiger Woods story has been a publicly watched journey of the human soul. Fight for redemption. It is never too late. It might look different than a green jacket to others. But it is worth it. That was unreal to watch!!!!

TIGER EFFIN WOODS... one of the greatest comeback stories in sports!!!! pic.twitter.com/ppgG6ERuTQ

Tiger Woods. Greatest Comeback Since ??? pic.twitter.com/UbtBStVWt9

Goosebumps while on the verge of crying. From the lowest of all lows to the highest of all highs, @TigerWoods has pulled off the greatest comeback ever....in life and now golf. For those of you that make THIS about YOU......I feel sorry for you.??#TheMasters

Tiger Woods - one of the great sporting comeback stories ever.


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