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TFF warns clubs from online prosecution as Simba SC’s Morrison case drags on

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Since the Ghanaian moved from Timu ya Wananchi to Wekundu wa Msimbazi, blows have been traded by both sides

The Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) has warned clubs to desist from prosecuting cases outside the established institutions.

Without mentioning a specific club, the federation said its attention was attracted by various claims that have been made concerning judgements that arrive at various bodies that handle football disputes.

The TFF has been in the spotlight ever since they made a ruling that declared Bernard Morrison a free agent which allowed him to join rivals Simba SC.

Dissatisfied Yanga recently claimed Morrison’s contract, as it appears in the TFF transfer matching system, only bears the player’s signature making it legally deficient.

The federation is yet to make a ruling concerning the latest claim by Timu ya Wananchi over the Ghanaian winger.

“Tanzania Football Federation has received with great concern claims that have been spread on the social media over cases that have been tabled by various clubs before it,” TFF said in a statement obtained by Goal.

“We would like to make it clear that TFF is not an individual but an institution that is run by a constitution and sets of laws. For that reason, every case that is presented before it is handled in a manner prescribed by those laws.

“The TFF Secretariat has no power nor authority to stop aggrieved parties from presenting cases before law and order institutions. TFF will continue working in a transparent manner because it is a body that is run on ideals.”

Yanga had threatened to pursue justice in the Morrison case at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Switzerland and the TFF has stated clubs are free to seek redress elsewhere at recognised bodies.

“If there is any party that is not satisfied with any of the ruling, the norm is to file an appeal with the high organs of TFF, Fifa, or even with CAS,” the federation concluded.

“We would like to acknowledge the clubs that have always followed on the set appeal channels that have been created by the constitution.

“It would be ideal for other clubs to follow suit so that we can remain firm in football development instead of engaging in propaganda that does not help at all.”

From the last transfer window, Morrison’s case was the biggest matter the Players’ Status Committee handled but it remains fully unresolved up to the moment especially after the new claims made by Yanga.






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