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Salah's three keys to success: authenticity, confidence and creativity

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Salah knows the path of success

"The King of Egypt", "The Pharaoh", "The King of Anfield", and so on… Those are the nicknames that were given to Salah weeks after he signed for Liverpool, where he started a fairytale story.

The story of Salah becomes even more impressive when you know the details. We are not talking about a name that grew up in the most prestigious European academies, but by someone who has stuck to a dream that has cost him great suffering since childhood, what taught him the high cost of success.

Playing in Europe was not an easy thing for him, it came after the rejection from Zamalek in Egypt, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and that's what happened with Salah.The most powerful heroes in all fields are those who have fallen and re-emerged, and names such asMuhammad Ali and Michael Phelps are compelling examples.

In the summer of 2017, he reached the doors of  Anfield. The greatest optimist there was not expecting to have a name that would enter forever in the history of the club, thanks to a very large individual and collective achievements that made him one of the most successful signings in the club’s history.

When we talk about Liverpool, we are not talking about a normal club, but about a legendary club that has always had the best players in the world, especially the British ones. We are talking about players like John Toshack, who in the 1970's starred in the Reds shirt. Then you have Kenny Dalglish, which causes the chills of the club's fans whenever he is named. It is inevitable to mention legends such as Ian Rush, John Barnes, then the stars of the modern era; Stephen Gerrard, Xabi Alonso, Fernando Torres and Luis Suarez, to name a few.

And here comes Mohamed Salah as the extension of all those stars who made history and remain immortal in the minds of people. Salah, although he has not finished his second season with Liverpool yet, he has achieved things that will keep him in memory forever. He is the one who broke the record of goals in one season in the Premier league (32), then turned into the fastest player to score 50 goals in the premier league with Liverpool (69 games), without mentioning that he has been crowned as the best player in the league last season.

Salah was destined to be a star and achieve the dreams of people, and you can know that just by asking the Egyptian people about the impact of his goal, which gave the Pharaohs the card to qualify for the World Cup after the absence of 28 years.

المُبدعون لا يرضون سوى بالأفضل 🤩الملك صلاح عاد ليتألق! 👑#هنا_لأبدع #HereToCreate #adicolor @adidasoriginals @MoSalah

Amidst all this momentum, Mohamed Salah is an adidas ambassador - a brand that shares with him a lot of the attributes. It is enough to mention their name to see how they affect people. We are talking about two self-contained icons.

Both have a great past and come from ancient origins, and those who do not have a past have neither present nor future. The German brand revolutionized sportswear, supporting players on and off the pitch, adidas Originals takes inspiration from sporting styles and reworks them into wearable fashion, which made it turn into an icon that has evolved over time and is now one of the most well-known signs in people's minds.

adidas Originals is associated with the ability to produce products of great creativity at the level of design and especially colors, despite the preservation of the touch that has characterized the brand sinceits early days , and here we find a similarity with Salah, who despite the great development that he knew throughout his career, both personally or professionally, he remained linked to his origins, which is the source of his strength and inspiration.

Ian Rush or Dalglish were legendary in the seventies of the last century and are currently an inspiration to Salah, who showed that he was able to do even better than them with continuous work and creativity, and his numbers talk about themselves, and that is the culture of adidas Originals: Create with authenticity.

Salah's success remains interesting, but he can still achieve some great things in his career, and he is currently one of the pioneers pushing for the Premier League title with Liverpool. The Champions League title is also a target for him, and this might be his year. As for Egypt, the return to winning the African title, and the secrets to achieve all that are clear: authenticity, confidence and creativity, just what adidas Originals stands for.

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