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Nyamweya: Government should revise upwards stimulus package for KPL players

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The football administrator calls on the government to increase the package to players saying Sh10, 000 is too little for them

Sam Nyamweya has called on the government to revise upwards the stimulus package extended to Kenyan Premier League (KPL) players owing to the coronavirus pandemic.

The government through the Sports Cabinet CS Amina Mohamed confirmed on Tuesday that all KPL players will be getting Sh10,000 for the next three months as part of the Sh20 million Covid-19 stimulus package from the Sports Fund.

The agreement had been reached a couple of weeks ago to help players who have been struggling to make a living after football was suspended owing to the Covid-19.

According to the CS, only verified players from teams as well as five technical team members from some teams will benefit.

However, Nyamweya, who is the former Football Kenya Federation (FKF) boss and who has shown keen interest to return to football management when elections are held, believes though the package of Kshs 20 million was a welcome move, it was not what the KPL clubs envisaged nor expected.

“We laud the government of Kenya for the support extended to the KPL players through the Ministry of Sports albeit inadequate and belatedly,” Nyamweya said in a statement obtained by Goal.

“We present the following facts for the kind consideration and to enable the government through the Ministry of Sports, Culture, and heritage to review upward the stimulus package extended to the KPL players.”

The statement continued: “The math doesn't add up 35 x 12 clubs = 420 beneficiaries’ x 10K each = Ksh 4.2m x 3 months = Ksh 12.6m. But the announced total was Ksh 20m. So what will the remaining Ksh 7.4m be used for?

“Ksh 10K for each beneficiary is grossly unfair, the ratio between the salaries of older married veteran players with wives + children is at least 3:1 and between a senior coach and young player at least 6:1 of higher.

“That "one-size-fits-all" approach makes for bureaucratic simplicity and real-world absurdity.

“The inclusion of only five club officials is grossly unfair and every KPL club has at least 10-15 technical bench members and administrative staff. On what grounds were the other five to10 coaches and officials excluded?”

Nyamweya further said the sh10, 000 was inadequate since it was the average monthly rent for a young, unmarried player and less than half the monthly rent of older players with dependent wives, children, and extended family members (e.g. elderly parents, jobless siblings, etc).

“Most players already owe at least two or more months in rent arrears and KPL players, Ksh 10, 000 monthly each is frankly far too little and far too late,” Nyamweya continued.

“Sadly, the players' rent for June comes due in a few days, many innocent players and their already long-suffering families will sadly be evicted by angry landlords and all their belongings locked up or sold to offset their rent arrears.”

Nyamweya feels the government has got money to increase the package since the development kitty, where they draw money from, remains largely unutilized since sporting activities have been suspended for a long period.

“Sporting activities having been suspended due to the challenges occasioned by the Covid 19, means the Sports Arts and social development kitty remain largely unutilized and, therefore, sufficient to adequately mitigate the challenges faced by the KPL players.

“We respectfully and with urgency call on the Cabinet Secretary Sports Culture and Heritage to significantly revise upwards the stimulus package extended to the players,” Nyamweya concluded.


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