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FKF Elections: Majority of KPL clubs support my candidacy - Mwendwa

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The federation’s top official is seeking to retain his presidential seat in the next poll the date of which remains unconfirmed

Football Kenya Federation (FKF) president Nick Mwendwa has claimed he enjoys the support from the majority of Kenyan Premier League (KPL) clubs.

The FKF’s elections are expected to be held soon since the tenure of the current office ended and Mwendwa, who is fighting to retain the presidency, said most of the top-tier clubs are in favour of his candidacy.

“There are KPL clubs who are supporting me and some are not in support of my candidacy but that is how democracy works,” Mwendwa told Radio Jambo.

“Let me challenge you, take the 17 clubs and carry out a poll you will be surprised that we enjoy the majority support.”

The federation top official also explained why the recently announced BetKing sponsorship will have a lasting positive impact on the league.

“I sought the BetKing deal because the league was coming back to FKF and if we were to take back the league without a sponsor it was going to be a real problem,” he added.

“We were trying to make everything work for KPL after suffering for two years. Of course, if it will make people happy about us then that is good because that is also politics.

“We are increasing the value of KPL in that even when BetKing will not be around the next sponsor will not come with money less than KSh220 million a year.”

Mwendwa also dismissed claims he hurriedly announced the sponsorship pact with the betting firm to woe KPL delegates to support him in the elections, the date of which remains unknown after earlier two attempts were stopped.

“People were claiming I hate KPL but now I have brought a sponsor they claim I am doing it because of the elections lying ahead,” he stated.

“As a leader, you must learn how to navigate noises as you move forward. You do the right thing and make sure it is the right thing.

“BetKing were clear that the sponsorship they wanted is one for the top league and that is why they were ready to fork out the money they have agreed to.

“Not all companies will agree to a deal of that amount if they are not confident of what they want to do.”

The FKF-BetKing deal is expected to be launched on or before September 1.



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